„Our goal is to connect the right people to let knowledge flow where it can contribute to success.“
African Entrepreneurs: Challenged by lack of:
  • funding
  • technical knowledge
  • business experience
„Successful people are happy to help others become successful.“
„Our Mission is to
promote, facilitate and study e-mentoring for development in Africa.“

Welcome to the ATDF Matchmaking Platform!

This platform aims at bringing together innovative entrepreneurs with experienced and professional experts (mentors) who may be able to coach them in their efforts (a) to commercialise a new good or service they developed for their home market, (b) to solve a particular business or technical problem in their established business, or (c) to simply assess the quality of their business plan and help find potential investors.

The platform will search for best matches between entrepreneur and mentor profiles and show in which areas the profiles coincide most.

The initiative is supported by numerous organisations involved in mentoring and entrepreneurship coaching (e.g. EMPRETEC Centres). We therefore encourage those who register with the platform to get in touch with a local affiliate or branch of these organisations. It will ensure the quality of the profiles and provide participants with further assistance on the ground.

Good luck!